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WFX to XSD schema generation module is not installed

Today I am trying to generate XSD from Well formed XML. Visual studio return this error

WFX to XSD schema generation module is not installed. Execute C:Program FilesMicrosoft BizTalk Server 2006SDKUtilitiesSchema GeneratorInstallWFX.vbs to install the WFX to XSD schema generation module.

To resolve this issue, simply run the aforementioned VB script; you’ll also need to run the InstallDTD.vbs script to add DTD support.


Some times run installWFX.vbs does not solve the problem then do one more step copy dll inside

“C:Program FilesMicrosoft BizTalk Server 2006SDKUtilitiesSchema Generator” to  folder “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010Developer ToolsSchema Editor Extensions”

It will solve the problem

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