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Unit Conversion Real world scenario, Dynamics Ax 2012 X++

A few days ago, I got requirement, where I have to sum up the total quantity and amount of all Purchase line. Here we assume that All lines in Purchase order belongs to same set or convertible unit.

You can set these unit conversion settings at

Organization administration > Setup > Units > Unit conversions.




Public void SumQTYAndAmount(PurchTable  PurchTable)


PurchLine               line;



UnitOfMeasureSymbol     toSymbol ="Ranjah";

UnitOfMeasureSymbol     fromSymbol;

Qty                     SumQty=0;

AmountCur AmountPurch=0;

UnitOfMeasureRecId      fromRecid,toRecid;





select * from plan where plan.PurchTable == PurchTable.PurchId;


//  select sum(LineAmount), sum(QtyOrdered) from line where line.PurchId == PurchTable.PurchId;

while  select * from LineQty where LineQty.PurchId == PurchTable.PurchId


if ( LineQty.PurchUnit ==toSymbol)


SumQty +=LineQty.QtyOrdered;





fromSymbol = LineQty.PurchUnit;

toRecid =UnitOfMeasure::findBySymbol(toSymbol).RecId;

fromRecid =UnitOfMeasure::findBySymbol(fromSymbol).RecId;

landQty += UnitOfMeasureConverter::convert(landQty,fromRecid,toRecid,NoYes::Yes);






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