Short introduction to AIF framework

Usually we have to communicate with external systems with Dynamics Ax. In many business Scenario, Data is imported from other application or export form Dynamics Ax to external system. For Data Export or import Microsoft provide AIF or application Integration Framework. Consider the following Business scenarios in which Microsoft Dynamics Ax accesses information that is managed in external applications.
The arrows indicate the direction in which requests flow.



What can we do with Dynamics AX Aif Services.
• Encapsulate the Business Logic.
• Communicate with external systems.
Encapsulate the Business logic:
With the help of Microsoft Dynamics Ax services framework, we can encapsulate required business logic. For example we can create sales order, purchase order, Create Customers, vendors. These custom business logic will be publish as web service through the Application Integration Framework (AIF). AIF also participate in any Service Oriented architecture (SOA).
Communicate with external systems.
Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Integration Framework (AIF) enables companies to integrate and communicate with other systems (External Systems). This communication is based on external business processes and partners through the exchange of XML over various transport media.
AIF enables Dynamics Ax to integrate Business to business or application to application scenario.

AIF Documents
AIF provides this capabilities by enabling the exchange of data through formatted XML known as Document. These Document contains both data and business logic. These Documents are based on a document class and these document classes are defined by using Microsoft Dynamics AX.
AIF framework supports both synchronous and asynchronous transports.
In Synchronous mode, requests are tightly coupled to response. This means that submitter of request must wait for a response from AIF before processed.
In asynchronous mode, request are placed into a queue. Called the gateway queue. These queued messages are processed later time and AIF sends a response later.
Inbound exchange. AIF can be used to send data into Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Out bound exchange. AIF can also be used to retrieve data from Microsoft Dynamics Ax. This kind of exchange is called outbound exchange.


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