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Product receipt against purchase order in Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

In this post I am going to create a new Purchase order and receive inventory against Purchase Order.

My post against purchase order in Dynamics Ax 2012 are as follow.





First of all we create a Purchase order with single line. For this we have to go

Accounts payable=>Area page=> Common=>Purchase order=> All purchase orders


All Purchase Order


Purchase order list page open as

All Purchase Order lis tpage

Now from top strip click on Purchase Order and following new Purchase Order form open

Lets say we create Purchase order against 104 Vendor

vendor Selection

Now from General fast tab select following settings. Set Purchase type: Purchase order

Site to 1 and warehouse 11 (Contoso data) and update delivery date to update to 4 then from now.


Click ok to create a purchase order

Now select Item “1000” and update its quantity to 100 items and let its price to default.


Now go to up top tab strip “Purchase” and click on confirm purchase order

Confirmation Detail





Click on Ok button to confirm the purchase order.


Now select the purchase line and click on Inventory and then on on-hand to check to check its present inventory

on hand






Following on-hand detail page appears

on hand details




For example, Now vendor send you required product with full quantity, and with invoice, you accept the Quantity and signed it that you received the quantity and invoice number enter in dynamics ax 2012



Now go to Receive tab strip and click on Product receipt.

Product Receipt


Let see my I received the Product against Invoice number Invo-0001.Invo Received


Click on ok.


Now again select the line and check its inventory you can see that inventory increased by 100 item.





Quantity received


Product entry successfully completed and Inventory successfully increased by 100 items.



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