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Product Management in Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 Part 1


In Dynamics Ax 2012, there is separate module  made for product management. There are two types of products in Dynamics ax.

Product. It is bare bone and independent product no further variation is not possible or required.

Product Master. When same product has different variant for example if we consider the hair color product that same color, quantity but slight different of shade can make different Product. Here we can make a master product and then creates its variant. We use Ax configuration technology to create its variants.


In Dynamics Ax 2012, The product creation is 4 step process.

  • Create the product.
  • Release to different legal entities.
  • Update the release product information according to different Legal Entity.
  • Used the product in different operation like purchase, sales and inventory management.



If you open the Product Management Area page in Dynamics Ax 2012 You can find following links that for product related information.

Product Managment



Currently If we open the All Product and Product Management then Product List Page will be appeared as.

In this article I am using contoso demo data.

12-8-2014 11-41-14 PM


Now click on top menu product to add new product.

New Product

Now if you see that there two important drop down first one is Product Type

And second one is Product Sub Type.

If we check the product type there is two values

Item and Services

Item type option is selected when product can be stored and Inventory can be manage.

Services Type can select when Product is non Inventory type. Or possible non tangible type.


Product sub type is option provided us capability to create standard product or Product which can be vary in terms of color size or config.

Product type: The standard product. There is no variant possible so no product associate with it.

Product Master: A template product its one or more than one variant can be exists. Variants exists in terms of its size, color and config.


If I am going to create a Product Master the New Product form will be look like.

Product Master



Currently I am interested in simple standard Product. So I go for first option

And click on ok.


New Product is created

Now click on top menu to release product, Here we release the product In Particular legal entity.


12-9-2014 12-40-17 AM


Now click on select companies

12-9-2014 1-09-41 AM

For example I want to release Product for Only USMF. Click on OK to release Product in USMF.


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