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Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns Book Review

For those who’ve read the description of this book, it’s no surprise, this book is broken into two distinct parts. The first part it is a general introduction to the important parts of BizTalk Server 2010: understanding what is BizTalk, when to use it and its capabilities, appropriate topologies for different scenarios (architecture, scalability, availability) and an introduction to the fundaments parts of the platform like BAM, Business Rules and BizTalk artifacts (orchestrations, pipelines, maps, schemas). This part is mainly theory with lot of core patterns.

The second part is written in a form of history, love this part, telling how he began to implement BizTalk integrations on a particular customer, starting for the basic (Pass thru) to more robust and complex scenarios. This second part shifts from theory to practice presenting real world integration patterns explained step-by-step (BAM and Unit Tests, messaging solutions, error handling, BRE, orchestration patterns like convoys …)

it is a great book and highly recommended. Congratulations to the author: Dan Rosanova (two time MVP BizTalk Server).

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