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List of user under certain Role Dynamics Ax 2012

Consider a real time scenario, where we have to send alerts to all user in certain Role In Dynamics.

For this purpose we have to loop through all user in certain role.

User, roles and role assignment are done three tables, these tables are hidden in AOT.


These table are

UserInfo : This table holds all User Ids In Dynamics Ax 2012.

SecurityRole : This table hold all Security Roles, In this table has two important fields “Name” which is descriptive and second one is AOTName. If you get the current customer assigned role using then this AOTName will be return.

SecurityUserRole: This table holds many to many relation with security and User.


For below snippet, I loop through all user assigned in Sales Representative.


   static void RoleUSerID(Args _args)


UserInfo    userInfo;

SecurityUserRole securityUserRole;

SecurityRole       Roles;


while select userInfo

join securityUserRole

where securityUserRole.User == userInfo.Id

join Roles where Roles.RecId  == securityUserRole.SecurityRole

&& Roles.AotName ==”TradeSalesRepresentative”






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