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Import Export Model with Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

As per my understanding for commands, Examples are more easily understand and quick solution instead of syntax.


For model store export/import we have to use Dynamics Ax Management Shell. You can find “Dynamics Ax Management Shell” at  All Programs, Administrative Tools and Microsoft Dynamics Ax Management Shell.

Dynamics Ax Management Shell




Export Command Syntax  (Windows PowerShell) :

Export-AXModel –Model <name> -File <Filename.axmodel>

Example : abcd is name of Model, file name can be different model store name.

Export-AXModel -model  abcd -file c:\abcd.axmodel


Import Command Syntax (Windows PowerShell)



Install-AXModel -File <Filename.axmodel> -Details


Exmaple :

Install-AXModel -File C:\abcd.axmodel –Details


In the case of some files exist in another model then add “-Conflict Push”


The complete command is here


Install-AXModel -File C:\abcd.axmodel -Details -Conflict Push

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