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Import Export data: Excel Add-ins with AIF service Dynamics Ax 2012


If you set up Aif service data in Dynamics Ax 2012, You can easily import and export data into AX using Excel Add-in.  You can export, import data with all out of the box AIF services.  In the case of table import export in Excel add-ins then under the hood AIF metadata service used.


For current post I am using my exists custom document Service in Excel Add-ins. The more complex custom services can be written.

This custom service is in detail you can follow following article.



  • Setting up data source in Ax for Excel Add ins



11-25-2014 3-21-48 AM




Now click open the Excel and create a new worksheet. You find Dynamics Ax  tab strip as follow

11-23-2014 10-26-45 PM


Click  and open the connection to Dynamics Ax 2012

11-25-2014 3-23-40 AM


Now click on add data at tab strip and click add data

11-25-2014 3-24-16 AM


Select the source

11-25-2014 3-24-39 AM

Now drag and expend it to required number columns.

11-25-2014 3-32-50 AM

11-25-2014 3-34-11 AM


Second way to select the header and click on add row button  from Dynamics AX tab strip.


11-25-2014 11-12-20 AM

Enter data and click on publish button. After pressing the publish button open table explorer in AOT, data is found.


11-25-2014 3-47-51 AM







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