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How to Send File to MSMQ Using C#

During the testing of BizTalk application, which read data from MSMQ. I have to write small C# routine, this routine send data to MSMQ.  If you have no knowledge about MSMQ, Please read My Post on this here.


To Send File on MSMQ you have to include the dll System.Messaging in your C# or Vb.net application. To Simplest code is as follow.


public void FileToMSMQ(string FilePath, string MsmqName)


//FilePath =@”e:test.xml”;

//MsmqName= @".private$testQue";

System.Messaging.MessageQueue _TheQueue = new System.Messaging.MessageQueue(MsmqName);

System.IO.FileStream _FileStream = new System.IO.FileStream(FilePath, System.IO.FileMode.Open);

Message _Message = new Message();

_Message.BodyStream = _FileStream;

_Message.Label = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(FilePath);

_Message.Priority = MessagePriority.Normal;


You can down sample code from here





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