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How to run apache server and ii7 simultaneously same time on window 7

In my personal machine, I installed the ii7, same time I required XAMP for php, Problem is that ii7 and apache server both occupied the same port 80 by default. Apache is stop running on my machine. So I decide to change the default port of XAMP to something else I follow the following steps to fix this issue.

  • Stop the XAMP server.
  • httpd.conf” is the file where apache configuration are placed.
  • Open the <drive>:xamppapacheconf folder and edit the httpd.conf” file.

  • In Configuration file at line 47 you find the port 80 mentioned.
  • Listen 80

  • o Change this to Listen 8082
  •  Now goes to Line 178  ServerName localhost:80

  • Change it to ServerName localhost:8082
  • Save the config file and restart the XAMPP server.
  • Hope fully this solve the problem.

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