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How to handle empty pages in SSRS report dynamics Ax 2012

Today I was facing the report issue that it print three blank pages other than one require page. This issue is due to page body is covering more area then print page size. During development phase we test the print page size by saving the report review as pdf. Followings is the tip which helps me to remove empty white pages from report print.

Check that page size and set it also set the you want print in portrait or landscape.

For example if I have to run the report on A4 and portrait form. Then I will perform following steps to set the print page setting and size of report page.

Right click on gray area of report and click on report properties.



And set the report print and size and also set left and right margins

Page Size




Now note the page size is 8.27. We have to check report body size and it must be less than 8.27 inch. For this right click on White area in report canvas and press f4.

Body Size detail



From property window you can check it body size. If it larger then 8.27 in, then you must reset the table, tablix and matrix to and resize the body to less then 8.27.




Now check rerun the report and save its preview in pdf.



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