How to create SSIS Package Configuration in SQL server 2008

There will be change possible of server name at connection strings, file paths when deploying SSIS packages  in production and same issue appears  when ssis package will go from development environment to QA server for testing. So what is workaround.  SSIS configuration wizard allow us to generate configuration settings for  connection string and properties of other objects. And this allows us to update these settings at run time at any place, dev, QA or Production.



  • This way we can resolve the connection strings on runtime.
  • Easily update the application on different server without redeploying the application.
  • Change the behavior of Package at runtime, by update the configuration settings of variables.


Let see how we can do this


Open the package for which you want to generation configuration

Check the enable button.

Click on enable button. To start Wizard

From the above configuration type dialogue box, Specify the configuration type and then set the property types relevant to the configuration type.

Configuration type source can be

  • XML Configuration file
  • Environment Variable
  • Registry Entry
  • SQL server

Specify the configuration file name and then say next then you will get the following dialogue box
Select the object and properties you want in configuration file.




Press next and then press finish button.



You can open the created file with extension “dtsConfig” in notepad, notepad++ , visual studio or any text editor supports xml to update the required filed.


Configurations are included in when you create package deployment utility for Installing packages.


Ali Raza Zaidi, Microsoft ERP Consultant, Currently working for Business Experts Gulf in United Arab Emirates. Specialized in HR & Payroll, Supply Chain and Financials modules.