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Git with Dynamics ax 2012

Recently I explored GIT as source control tool. As per work with Microsoft Technologies I worked with TFS and Source save.  In Dynamics Ax 2012 context I found AX2GIT on codeplex and





I download ax2git zip. After extraction I found  XPO.



So I decided first to download its perquisites. i.e. Git and tortoise for Git. I used following links

Git from   http://msysgit.github.io/


Tortoise Git from http://tortoisegit.org/


After Installing tortoise and Git, windows right click popup menu shows me  git and tortoise options as follow




To check git works, I create a new folder and create Git Repository there by windows right click popup menu.


Following popup appeared


After click on ok, I found following pop up to show success message




Now I opened Dynamics ax and import the ax2GIt.xpo




Import it, it overwrite some Ax artifacts.  When Xpo successfully imported, right click on any node in AOT => add-ins have Git menu.







Currently Ax2Git support only export.

I opened one of my existing project and export it GIT options. Right click on project node when project open with all its detail. And click on add-ins=>Git=> Export AOT selection.



And click on Export AOT selection

welcome to the world of git


As I am working Dynamics Ax 2012 CU8 demo vm so current layer option will.  Other as per documentation, it will create separate branch for each layer.

Export to folder process starts


And I target folder I found folders in all files are exported properly.

It will creat



Selected all folder and commit the changes.







All files are successfully committed.


For testing it reflect changes, I open Ax form and add following empty comment in one of the form



On again export project from AX. Repository folder it shows some changes are not commit.

Reflect changes

On checking the right click to see the diff
reflect 2-001

Yellow highlighted items line it shows the difference, what previously checked in new exported code



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