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float value conversion in string SSRS expression and decimal points SSRS dynamics ax 2012 R3.



Today I have to record very small tip. During development of on SSRS report for Dynamics Ax 2012 R3, End user wants a row at the report footer for  analysis. he wants some kind of percentage  calculation with ‘%’.  A For this I have to use CStr ssrs expression function  like


Ctr(((sum(DataSet!field.Value) / sum(DataSet!field.Value)))*100)+”%”.


Now it is string and shows number of decimal as it result from division. For example  5.4356333. But end user wants formatting like 5.43 .

It is string or text value and SSRS textbox formatting is not apply on it.


Following SSRS expression works for me.







My Updated expression is something like this


Left(CStr(IIF(Parameters!ProductionReportBM2DS_ItemName.Value = “ITEM-00000420”,((sum(Fields!Scrap.Value)/sum(Fields!TotalConsumption.Value))*100),((sum(Fields!CutLength.Value)/sum(Fields!TotalConsumption.Value))*100))),instr(CStr(IIF(Parameters!ProductionReportBM2DS_ItemName.Value = “ITEM-00000420″,((sum(Fields!Scrap.Value)/sum(Fields!TotalConsumption.Value))*100),((sum(Fields!CutLength.Value)/sum(Fields!TotalConsumption.Value))*100))),”.”)+2) +”%”

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