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exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

A few days ago I face again the old error “Exception has been thrown by target of an invocation.

This time this error did not let us do anything on client.




Finally I found that AOS server Configuration utility, database server is set as Server Name for example as “DB server” instead of  server IP. When sometimes Database server name is resolved by network configuration, AX working fine and some time when it unable to resolve the server IP with its name “Target of Invocation” error appears. On opening the AOS server configuration utility i found following error



When I click the ok button, AOS server configuration utility did not open, it shown in windows task management. So I kill its instance. Then Stop the AOS service form windows services management. Again open AOS server utility, it opened with in a few minutes (Still takes time). Then I create a new active configuration. And replace database server name with its IP. for example Instead of Database server name “DB server” I used the “”. Save the settings and start the AOS service.  AX working fine and error disappears.


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