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Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 Architecture:

Dynamics Ax 7 is now at door step. But still there are many things to explore Dynamics AX 2012.   Here I started again from basics from Dynamics Ax 2012 architecture.



Dynamics Ax 2012 is based on  Three tier Architecture consists of


  1. Database tier.
  2. Application tier
  3. Presentation tier.


Database tier:

If you saw standard Dynamics Ax databases with default installation you found. Three databases



This database contains the data used in Dynamics Ax. AOS used this database for transaction.


Meta data for forms, tables, and all other code are stored in model_store exists in MicrosoftDynamicsAX_model database. It contains the all application element data inside Microsoft Dynamics Ax.


This baseline database stores the model store that is used to upgrade X++ code to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The Baseline database is used to analyze application updates before they are applied.

It stored the old model store before applying the upgrade.


There more databases are installed which has no direct link Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012. These are

SSRS database, Sql server analysis server database and if you installed the Interpise portal then data bases required for Share point also include installed.


Application Tier.

In Dynamics Ax 2012 AOS, Reporting server extensions, enterprise portal, Workflow, Application Interface Framework all consider to be application tier,


AOS Application object server.

AOS is responsible for communication between Client and Database. Services also deployed on AOS so external application can communicate with AOS. Dynamics Ax 2012. Application business logic resides at AOS.

Enterprise portal.

Enterprise portal is asp.net and share point porta also consider to be at application tier. SSRS reports, dashboards and other websites are hosted on IIS.


Workflow. Also consider to be application tier. These allow to user to create and automate some workflow activities.


Reporting and analytical services.  Reporting using SSRS and Analytical services used in Dynamics Ax 2012 also part of application Tier.


Application integration framework.

Services and integration framework that is used to communicate external and internal system is also part of Application tier.


Presentation Tier.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 client, Enterprise portal and external application that communicate with Dynamics Ax all are consider to be Presentation tier.



Reference : https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd362112.aspx

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