Dynamics Ax 2012: How to Edit the Existing Report.

In Ax Dynamics usually work is pop out regarding customization of what is existing In Dynamics Ax. Usually is one of them is Report customization. If you are new in Dynamics Ax, Report locate and open mode will create more headache then modifying it. Let’s explore what steps require to open report in Edit Mode.

First step is determining the Name of report. You can identify it by menu item from it is running.

For example we want to edit the following report as per MSDN link


Menus > InventoryAndWarehouseManagement > Reports >BaseData > Quantity setup





Now Go to AOT and expend InventoryAndWareHouseManagement and  right click to view the properties of Quantity Setup.

Menu click Menu Detail


From Property you can identify the Name of MenuItem and its type. The menu item for Quantity setup is InventTableQuantity.


Now expand from AOT and Expend Menu Items and then Output Node. Because there are too many menu Items in AOT Node so you have to type when you reach on InventTableQuantity right click on it and explore the properties. You can find the Object property described the report Name of Quatity Setup is InventTableQuantity.


MenuItem Detail



Now third step is go to locate the Visual Studio Projects and then Edit it.

For this purpose in the AOT, expand the node for Visual Studio Projects and then expand the node for Dynamics Ax Model Project. The project name will be similar to report Name, There are too much visual studio project so type InventTablQuantyReport. Right click on it and select edit.

Menu click

Report project will be open to Visual studio, where you can modify.


Report Menu


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