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Dynamics Ax 2012: Dynamics Ax reporting Model is MVC (Model View Controller)

I just start writing on Dynamics Ax reporting. To write on Dynamics Ax  starting point is what is Dynamics Ax reporting Model. On Searching I found that Dynamics Ax 2012 reporting Model is based on Model View Controller pattern.  It means reporting services can be replaced by any other report rendering application. Currently Reporting services are called from dynamics ax client,  Share point portal and job batch.

Reporting Services Architure



So what is Model view Controller Pattern is.

Model View controller is a pattern to de-couple the business logic from the user interface.

Model: Responsible for retrieving data, operation performed on data with respect to business logic, This part contains queries, Communication with data layer.

View : Responsible for User interface,  how to display data. Capable to show the data on different views.

Controller:  It controls or change the flow of data between Model and View. It send instruction to Model and send data to view, or responsible for change the view of data on view. Also responsible for update the Model for its data.

Typical Model view controller diagram is as follow.

MVC-Process (1)

In dynamics Ax 2012 Report model are
Model: SrsReportDataContractUIBuilder
View: SrsReportDataContract
Controller: SrsReportRunController


For more information please consult : MSDN: Reporting Programming Guide [AX 2012].


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