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Design/Controls/Filtergrp’ is missing child ‘Quick Filter new Dynamics Ax 7

While building Dynamics Ax 7 simple list page, I got following error on compiling.


Severity                Code      Description         Project  File         Line

Error                     Path: [AxForm/AXEarningCodeGroup/Design/Controls/Filtergrp]:Control ‘AxForm/AXEarningCodeGroup/Design/Controls/Filtergrp’ is missing child ‘Quick Filter’ required by pattern ‘Custom and Quick Filters’.   CustomPayroll (USR) [CustomPayroll] C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory\ApplicationSuite\CustomPayroll1\AxForm\AXEarningCodeGroup.xml               0


In short

Design/Controls/Filtergrp’ is missing child ‘Quick Filter


Something different then Dynamics Ax 2012. Yes, just right click on add a group and the add Quick Filter.





No other property I found, After solution compiled without any error.

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