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Data Manipulation tip 5. Like operator wild card in Select query Dynamics ax 2012 D365 for Operations.

Currently I am writing an Inquiry for Client. For this inquiry I have to use Like operator functionality. For example end user wants to search Sale Orders. For this he/she enters the partial sale order number and Inquiry provides the result.

Microsoft provides “Like operator” functionality , I used it with text box in below code snippet. Suppose strProcumentValue is string edit control with auto declaration true.



void clicked()


PurchTable  _Table;






select * from _Table where _Table.PurchId like “*” + strProcumentValue.text() +”*”;


if (_Table !=null)







Its works for me,

reference: http://daxdude.blogspot.com/2011/02/use-x-wildcard-like-and-not-like-in-x.html

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