Customization in New Dynamics Ax (Aka AX 7) Part 5 – Custom forms – Simple List Page.


This post is series. In Last post we create some custom tables for  in Dynamics Ax.

Customization in New Dynamics AX (AK 7) Part 4- Custom Tables

In basic level we create two tables EarningCodeGroup and Earning Code. In this post we build simplest and very basic level forms.


Open the project and add a new Item and select Form  from “Add New Item “ Dialog and set its Name “AlEarningCodeGroup”



New form will be created in solution explore. Double click on it and open it in design mode.




Now right click on right side and select form Pattern.

Apply Pattern

From pattern select Simple list pattern.

You can read more details about simple list in the following


Patterns are applied but it described the following controls are missing.

Missing Controll




Now again right click on designer on and add action pane, custom filter group and grid.

Add new control


In first step I add the Action tab, then Add Action tab Pane page and then Button group and then add three command button.



Now update the different properties of Action Pane, tab strip and command button.

Change default to strip

Strip stryle

Set Caption as Home

Now select first command button set its text as New and command button as New.

Command Button Properties

Similarly set other two command button as Edit, and delete.

Now again right click on design and also add  group and rename it to grpFilter

Also right click on custom filter group and apply pattern We will see this in next post.



Now add Grid so form pattern requirement will be complete. Rename It to grpEarningCodeGroup. After that form design look like

Validated FormPattern


Now we go back to add table as a data source. We created the AxEarningCodeGroup in previous post, we will use that table here.

Grid data source





Set Name it with your table name, select table and set insertIfEmpty property to no.


Now go back and expand action pane => Pane and then button group  and update datasouce property to table  property to  AlEarningCodeGroup

Button Group DataSource property




Now right click on grid and press F4 or open property window and set datasource to AxEarnigCodeGroup and datagroup to grid (I created the field group with Name “Grid” In previous post”.

Grid dDaou


If you see, you find two fields are added under grid node


Grid fields




Now go back to solution explorer and create a new menu Item of type display


Name It as “AlEarningCodeGroupMenu” . New menu Item will be added on solution explorer. Double click on it to open it in design mode and Set Object Type to form and Object to AlFormEarningCodeGroup. Also Update its label Property to “Earning code Group”.



Open the AlEarningCodeGroup table in designer window and set its form ref to AlFormEarningCodeGroupMenu This will help us to add earning code group in earning code entry form.

Table Propeperties



Now we add the menu Item in  Menu to run and display,  For this open the menu Item in designer mode and drag menu item created in above step. In this post I am using custom Menu, If you are working with out of box menu then you must create menu extension then drag the menu Item in it.

Menu Display


Now run the application with Ctrl F5, I found the earning Code group in menu.

Live menu


By Clicking on link, forms open and I did following entries.


Data Entry







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