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Custom Financial Dimension in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (AX 7)

Purpose of this post to share the procedure I learned yesterday for adding custom Financial dimension in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations aka (AX 7). So I added a fictional Financial dimension.

Suppose we have to create a financial dimension with “Jaggah Tax”. This financial dimension required in Sales order, Sales Line, Purchase Order, Purchase line.


New Custom financial can be added and activate by following steps.



First of all open Ax in browser and change its legal entity to USMF.

Now click on General Ledger ==> Charts of Accounts ==> Dimensions => Financial Dimensions.





From financial dimensions page Click on New button. As a result detail page open in new / create mode.


You will find here three editable controls. From Used value drop down, select custom dimension, in second text box type name of dimension and in third text box type Report column Name.





Now click on Activate button from top menu.


On pressing Activating menu button, on right hand side a popup dialog opens. You can select different options from here. I want to activate this financial dimension so I selected activate now option.


So progress dialog show activation is under progress.


Finally we created a new financial dimension.


Now next step is to add values for dimension. Suppose our organization pay two types of jaggah tax.

-Noori Naath

-Mola Jatt.



So for this click on Dimension values menu button after selecting dimension open in detail section.


Click on New and enter values as much as requires. With each value also add  activation date.




We successfully create custom financial dimension. But until we add financial dimension in accounting structure  it will not available for selection.


For this again open General Ledger => Setup => Ledger



From Ledger detail form, select Manufacturing P&L. either double click on it or after selection click on edit button.




Account Structure is open, Also click on add  segment.



On right side a pop up opens with all financial dimensions. You can select required dimension.

From right side a pop up opens from there you can select required Dimension.



After selection Accounting structure look a like below screenshot.



Now on update financial dimensions values below text boxes in grid to “”;*. By default it will be *. Which means value is required.  “”;*. Means empty value or null values also allow in dimension.

Now update top value and activate it.

Activation in progress.


Now open Purchase order and from Header view, select newly added financial dimension.


Values are available here.



Our newly add financial dimension successfully added




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