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Currency exchange rate setup in Dynamics AX 2012


We can create transaction entries in different currency. For Example default currency set of Legal entity is “USD” and we have to create Purchase Order in Pak Rupees.

For this purpose we have to create exchange in Dynamics Ax.

The link of currency exchange is Ledger module, in Setup section and under currency. You can saw it as follow.



Click on Currency exchange rates


Empty Selection

Select “Default” from Exchange rate Type. By default application exchange rate from “Default”. And then click on New Button, from right pane select From Currency to USD and To Currency select PKR.

By Default From date Set to “Current Date” and To Date set one month to after current Day. You can modify it as per your requirement.

In current scenario 1 USD is equal to 150 Pak rupee.


There is also Start Date which is used as effective date, It means, between from date and to Date we can use multiple exchange rate.


Now you can create Purchase Order in Pak rupees, The Values are automatically converted into Pak rupees.

To verify that we create two Purchase order first in USD and second one in Pak rupees and verify that Item price are came in different values.


First we create Purchase Order with USD dollar and then create PO with and see the purchase Item price.

PO with USD dallor


Purchase Price

Now we create Purchase Order in Pak rupees and see the unit price.



Purchase Price in PakRuppee

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