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Create a new customer in New Dynamics Ax (Aka AX 7)

Login in to Ax






On successful login dashboard page is open in web browser.



Change legal entity from top menu to USMF

Change legal entity

We can create sales order from either Sales and marketing and Account Receivable module


Click on top menu.



Select Account Receivable menu

account Receviable


Or Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing




Click on account receivable



Click on All customers

Customer List page link

Customer list page opens. Now click on new button to open customer form.


Customer List page

Enter Customer account for example I Added “MVP0007” as customer account And Name as Ali Raza Zaidi, select 80 in Customer Group.

Create Customer

In Address just select any Zip code for current article I Select 00210.

Sales Order Creation


Click on Save button, If you want to create Sales order directly click on Save and open then click on Sales Order.


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