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water mark in SSRS report Dynamics Ax 2012.

Hi, all very small tip today, Recently I have to add water mark in one of custom report.

In SSRS for Dynamics Ax 2012, we can achieve water mark by adding background image in report body.

Water mark image should be small in size and used as background Image. If you use high in size image, Report will threw errors on deployed at server.

This water mark can hide and show with ssrs expression.

So complete real word requirement will be Print report with water mark if certain criteria meets, other wise print report normal report.


At SSRS side right right  click on report Body and click on Body Properties.


From property window, select fill, select file the image source “embedded” and import file.


After import file will be shown as report explorer



Now add following expression  to show report display water mark or not.


=IIf(Fields! DuplicateCopy.Value=1,”Duplicate3″,””)

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