Sale Order processing In Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 part 1

In dynamics Ax 2012, we can sale stock Item and service Item through sales orders.

We can create sales order from Sales and Marketing module or Account receivables module.

Currently I am creating and exploring Sales order on demo data contoso data and legal entity UsMF.

Open Sales and distribution module and from common menu expand sales order and click on “All Sales order” menu.


Click on it and open sales order

All Sales Order

Now click on top Sales button

Sales Order

A new popup or dialog open


Select customer for against you want to enter sale Order. For example I create Sales order for Cave wholesales customer.



Now expand General fast tab. Customer Invoice Account is already selected, we can also change Currency, currently I select USD.



If we explore Order type. We find five type of sales order


We explore more, we found

Journal:  If we select sales order of type Journal. There is no financial and Inventory impact of sales order. It will be draft sale order.

Subscription:  We can create periodic re-occurring sales orders.

Sales Order:  Sales order type will be have impact on financial and Inventory. It means, items or services are deliver to customer.

Return Order: We can register sales return, Item quantity will received back from customer and customer credit note will be generate against the sale order.

Item requirement:  This type of sales order related to project requirements.

Please select Sales Order and click on ok.


From Administrator fast tab, you can also select sales order origin for example we are register sales order from phone call, mail, fax or email. Similarly I also select Sales responsible.


Click ok to Create Sales Order

It will open Sales order detail page. By default it will open Item view


Now we select Item for sales and Item configuration.



Other Item other dimension can be set like warehouse and site.




For current sales line I enter 2 percent discount amount.

Similarly we can create multiple items.

Multiple Sales Item



Sales from action pane click on Sell tab and click on confirm button

Sales Order confirmation

Posting a Sale Order confirmation will nothing more record keeping the document. It is just create a receipt for insure customer that your sale order is booked or confirm,

Sales Order confimration Dialog

You can generate print and click OK to confirm it


I confirmed the sales order multiple times, you can see the confirmation history from sell action  tab strip





Further sale order processing will be in next post





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