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Pl Sql Built in Functions

hi find these build in function for orcale pl sql , These are really usefull

Function Description
String Functions
upper(s), lower(s) convert string s to upper/lower-case
initcap(s) capitalise first letter of each word
ltrim(s), rtrim(s) remove blank char. from left/right
substr(s,start,len) sub-string of length len from positionstart
length(s) length of s
Date Functions
sysdate current date (on Oracle server)
to_date(date, format) date formatting
Number Functions
round(x) round real number x to integer
mod(n,p) n modulus p
abs(x) absolute value of x
dbms_random.random() generate a random integer
Type Conversion Functions
to_char() convert to string
to_date() convert to date
to_number() convert to number
Miscellaneous Functions
user current Oracle user
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