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Invalid object name “tempd.dbo” Dynamics ax 2012 R2 cu7


Yesterday at one of our company client was facing this issue, on every transaction or even on validating the Journal post error popup as

Invalid object name “tempd.dbo.t4887_”.

“Sql statement, select t1.recid from tempdb.”DBO”.t4887_”


I feel that this error is due  tempdb space fill in sql server or temp table created in SQL already exists. It did not let delete or create temp tables inside SQL server.  I solve this issue with following work around.


  1. Stop AOS.
  2. Stop, analysis services, and SSRS services
  3. Stop Sql server and sql server agent ( If running)
  4. Start SQL server.
  5. Start analysis services and ssrs services.
  6. Start AOS.

Last one week this error is not appear on client.


I think there will be planned down time on AX production environment, where AOS and SQL services must be restarted after weekly or monthly basis.

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