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How to execute Sql directly form Dynamics AX X++

Dynamics Ax provide many other ways to communicate with database, but sometimes we have to execute direct query to database. For example I have to delete all items form InventTable of particular company or dataarea. I execute it as follow.




Connection      connection;

Statement       statement;

str             query;

DataAreaId      currentDataArea;



// create connection object

connection = new Connection();


// create statement

statement = connection.createStatement();


//Find current company

currentDataArea = curext();


if(! Box::yesNo(“You are in Company: ” + currentDataArea + “. Proceed to Delete?”,DialogButton::No))





//Vendors delete

query = “delete from inventTable where dataAreaId = ‘” + currentDataArea + “‘”;

new SqlStatementExecutePermission(query).assert();





info(“InventItems Deleted from Company: ” + currentDataArea);


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