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How to clear inactive sessions from Dynamics Ax 2012

If you check the online user in Administrator Module, You may be found some session with inactive and block status. These inactive and block session are due to crashing of AX clients. These sessions are not create any problem, but possible issues with limited number of active users under Dynamics Ax license. Best approach to clear these inactive and block session form Dynamics Ax to avoid any future conflict with Licensing. All these session information is stored in “SysClientSessions.” Table.

Second Problem we usually face that when we start AOS service, it take too much time change status from Starting to started. One of many reason for this phenomena that AX try to query and located any Active session in SysClientSessions.  To reduce the time is to remove all session inactive from SysClientSessions table or possible remove the inactive and block session form Database. In “SysClientSessions” Status with status 0 (Inactive), Status 2 (Ending Waiting for AOS), 3 (Ending –Block).


Perform following steps.

  1. Stop AOS service.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Open any new query on Dynamics Ax Database.
  4. Run the following Query where sessions with status 0 (Inactive), Status 2 (Ending Waiting for AOS), 3 (Ending –Block).

delete from SysClientSessions where status in(0,2,3)

  1. Restart AOS.

Hopes this will works to start AOS service faster than previously.

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