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Free introductory course on MVA for Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, enterprise edition.

Do you want to introductory session, then this course is for you. Yes it is free any one can watch very basic level course on Microsoft Virtual Academy


Course contents are amazing.



  •  Course Introduction Time00:01:3701 | Overview
  •  Cloud-Based Solution Time00:02:02
  •  Workspaces Driving Productivity Time00:02:48
  •  Workflows in Your Business Processes Time00:03:34
  •  Reporting Time00:01:12
  •  Industry Focus Time00:02:2902 | Introduction to Functionality
  •  Overview Time00:02:55
  •  Order-to-Cash Time00:00:33
  •  Demo: Order-to-Cash Functionality Time00:07:38
  •  Procure-to-Pay Time00:00:32
  •  Demo: Procure-to-Pay Functionality Time00:08:16
  •  Plan-to-Produce Time00:00:42
  •  Demo: Plan-to-Produce Functionality Time00:05:19
  •  Recruit-to-Hire Time00:00:59
  •  Demo: Create Jobs, Positions, and Recruitment Projects Time00:10:21
  •  Complete an Application and Hire a Worker Time00:00:11
  •  Demo: Complete an Application and Hire a Worker Time00:08:08Post-Course Survey
  •  Post-Course Survey (Optional) Assessment: Full Course
  •  Assessment: Full Course
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