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Exploring the Functional Side of Dynamics Ax 2012: How to create Legal entity.

Today I decide to start Exploring the functional side of Dynamics AX 2012. The starting point certainly to create legal entity and explore the further options.

To Create a legal entity you have to open the legal entity form by the following link

  • Organizational Administrationè ==>Organization==>Legal Entities.01-legalEntitylink
  • To create a new legal entity click on new button and start enter the information. For example, in my case I am going to create a legal entity with Name “Lahore” and with company Name “Systems Ltd.” 02-New Legal Entity
  • After entering information of Legal entity Name, Organization Name and region area Name press on ok button to save it.03-New Legal Entity Save
  • Newly created Legal entity is shown in right side bar as follow.04-newlyCreated LegalEntity shown
  •  From right side window I can update further detail information for legal entity. There are following fast tabs are on the form

05-FastTabs 05-FastTabs



From General Tabs You can update following important information for legal entity

  • Language.
  • Search Name
  • Time Zone.

06-General Tab


Address Fast Tab:

From Address Fast tab: you can address information.

07-Address Fast tab


Click on Add button or Click on Edit button you can find more options.

08-Detail Address new



You can add Contact information from Contact fast There

There are 4 types of contact you can create

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • URL
  • Telex
  • Fax.
  • If there are many contact number, you can make one of them primary by clicking check box on grid.09-Contact tab
  • From Tax Registration fast tab you can enter information regarding Taxation. Because Dynamics Ax is one of big ERP. It also option of Zakat.

10-Tax registration.


From Tax 1099 you can enter withholding tax information.



Statutory reporting fast tab, you can enter the registration information which will be used for statutory reporting.

12-Statutory reporting

12-Statutory reporting

Banking information can be add Banking information fast tab.
13-Banking information

Foreign trade and logistics Fast tab you can address shipment address

14-Foreign trade and logistics

If there is any Sequence number associated with legal entity that can be shown from here.

15-Sequence Number

reference : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh242184.aspx

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