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Exploring Drill-down SSRS Reports in Dynamics Ax 2012 R3.

Drill drown reports in Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 are very Easy. For this purpose I have to create a new AOT/Static Query AOT. This query is join between CustTable and SalesTable. I want to create Inner Join so Only those Customer came who have Sales Orders. Consider following Steps to create A new report
Create a new Query with Name “DyWorldCustSales”
Drop or add Data Source with CustTable
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Right click on Fields and add following fields from Customer table.




Expand Data Source inside Custtable, Add or create DataSource with SalesTable and fields




Right Click on  SalesTables Data Source and set its join properties as follow



Expand Relationship node of SalesTable_1  Add Following relationship



Set it properties as follow



New create a new report In existing or New DataModel Report in Visual Studio project

NewReport Project


Add New report with DyCustSalesOrderList

Add Dataset with Name DSCustomer and Point to Query which we create in above steps


PointToQuery QueryDataSet

Now drag and drop the dataset on designer to create a designer

And Update rename it to  DyCustSalesOrderList


Set DataTable’s Propeties visible to set false


Add a List and set its name to CustList

Create two groups there one for CustomerGroup and second for AccountNum



Now drop the fields from dataset which  you want to display on report



Right click on CustList and set Data Navigation Style to DrillDown from properties window


Now right click add report to aot and then deploy to Report Server


When you run the report  from meu Item you will find following



Click on Customer group this will open it



Click on Customer account it will drill down report on Detail level



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